jering.web.syntaxhighlighters.highlightjs: Jering’s cross-platform JavaScript library designed to highlight source code in HTML documents is known as HighlightJS;

its aim is to integrate syntax highlighting easily into web applications as part of jering’s web stack and provide quick identification and highlighting of code snippets within pages quickly and effortlessly.

It operates client side and its use provides quick code identification/highlighting solutions on webpages quickly and effortlessly.

Furthermore, this library allows custom languages and themes to be created and applied.

To use it effectively, simply load up JavaScript library before calling highlight.init() function that sets up syntax highlighting for you – after setting this up by default all elements on page will be highlighted by it!

Instead of leaving things up to chance, you can also customize Jering. Web. SyntaxHighlighters’s default behavior by specifying your own selector that will identify code snippets.

Furthermore, additional options exist such as whether or not auto-recognize language which could come in useful if some snippets don’t specify what language they speak in.

Plus there is support for various themes so the syntax highlighted output can better align with website’s styling! Jering. Web. SyntaxHighlighters.

It supports multiple languages along with numerous themes which allow customization so the output better matches website’s styling!

Jering. Web. SyntaxHighlighters.It supports multiple themes while customizing highlighted output so it matches website styles better!


Highlightjs offers many advantages over its rivals when it comes to user experience, with plugins offering features such as dynamic line numbers, keyboard shortcuts and syntax validators allowing developers to tailor the code highlighting experience specifically to their own individual requirements. This makes Highlightjs an incredible customizable choice.

Highlightjs is open source and regularly developed, giving developers confidence that their code will always meet current standards and is being properly highlighted. As such, Highlightjs makes for an affordable yet reliable syntax highlighting library that makes code stand out! This makes Highlightjs the ideal choice for developers on tight budgets or searching for an accessible highlighting library with multiple users who require syntax highlighting libraries for quick use or reliable syntax highlighting libraries.

Syntaxhighlighters / HighlightJS: What Are It’s Uses

Jering, Web. SyntaxHighlighters.It supports an impressively broad array of languages and tools, making it one of the most comprehensive and reliable syntax highlighters available today. Syntax highlighting plays an indispensable role in improving code readability, increasing development efficiency and guaranteeing accurate syntax encoding.

Automatic syntax detection and highlighting make it easy to quickly spot errors or missing lines of code, while searching allows you to target specific strings or code lines quickly and effectively.
Jering. web. syntaxhighlighters provides multiple highlighting themes designed specifically to suit the type of programming work that you do, helping ensure consistency and completeness in your coding style. Jering’s highlightjs not only offers syntax highlighting capabilities; it is also equipped with line numbers, comments support, indentation support and indentation functionality – not to mention line number support!

Jering web syntaxhighlighters highlightjs is designed to be lightweight so as not to slow down web pages or reduce their performance.

Jering web. syntaxhighlighters highlightjs is highly flexible, functional and compatible with most web browsers – an effective solution to enhance readability, accuracy and speed when it comes to code highlighting! If you have been in search of such an efficient tool that improves readability accuracy and speed then Jering. web. syntaxhighlighters highlightjs should certainly make an appearance on your list!